BBB at Eye Candy festival
Edible Eastside

Bicycle Basket Bazaar at Warwick Bar Summer Fete


Saturday 26 July, 12pm - 6pm

Edible Eastside


Established by artist Bill Pollard in 2006, BBB is all about Bicycles, Creativity & Good Cheer.


Our line-up of Brilliant Basketeers:


David Swan, founder of Suitcase Sounds will be selling his amazing boom boxes hand crafted from converted vintage suitcases.


Pete Ashton & Jenny Duffin will be operating their Camera Obscura which moves around on bike wheels


Francine Shokker will be selling the items she makes for sale in her online shop COW and at handmade fairs.


Esme Bayliss from Birmingham Friends of the Earth will be promoting their campaign ‘Let's Get Moving’ which looks at tackling  air quality in Birmingham by promoting and increasing the use of active transport like walking and cycling. are sending to the council.


Beth White will be selling cards and wraps by illustrators including Gemma Correll and Millie Marotta.


Diane Wiltshire will be selling wellbeing foods and measuring the EDA (electro dermal activity) effect people eating as part of her project 'Can you catch wellbeing? Sentiment gathering art.'


Cathy Wade & Kevin Ryan will be exhibiting and getting people involved in their Sean Ryder Beermat project


Trevor Pitt will be selling his nik-naks – mainly 50s & 30s old tut that he has collected over the years.


Thanks to SPROCKET CYCLES based in Digbeth for their kind support in loaning us some brilliant second bikes.


If you would you like to take part in Bicycle Basket Bazaar at Warwick Bar Summer Fete email


POD Projects is looking for artists, makers and vendors sell their handmade, homemade, vintage, collectibles, upcycled items from their bike - kind of like art fair meets car boot sale. We are also looking for interesting artist projects and performances to be run from a bicycle + musicians to play at 'Open Mic Bike'.


Full info about the event as part of Warwick Bar Summer Fete