Salon Bench Roving Devon, 2010


Carolyn Morton with Terri Bate, Mary R De Salis, Jill Morris, Cassian Bennett, Jenny Tunley-Price,  Mary Toon, Jae Burgin,  Jane Deane, Amanda Pellatt, Beryl Pitt, Jenny Tunley-Price, Cath Baynton, Hannah Parsons, Jacqueline Welby, Jill Morris, Kathryn Saunby and Jules Bryant 

Salon Bench Roving Devon was produced through a collaborative process led by Carolyn Morton as she travelled around Devon.


The knitters uased a Zwartbles wool from a flock in Cornwa ll. It fades to a soft red in the sun and was recommended by a spinner Carolyn met at Duchy Square centre for creativity in Princetown.


Carolyn says,

"Over the past 8 months or so, I've spent chunks of time working, exploring, playing and living in Devon.  Through a chance encounter with my friend Trevor, i was invited/ persuaded to knit one of the benches for The Knitting Salon.  It became a dynamic way for me to meet people, inviting them to contribute and become part of the network of knitters and natterers.  Connections were made across the county, between different crafters, artists and knitters"  (Terri Bate's blog)  (worked with members of The East Dartmoor Teashop Knitters)  (the centre in Princetown where some of the workshop/ studio holders knitted for the bench and we had a session in the shop space)  (one of the teashops where the East Dartmoor Teashop Knitters meet)  (where i was volunteering in Devon)